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Spring 2020 Courses ​

Who is God?: God, the Bible, and Creation (2nd Service)

Instructor: Zack Martin, January 12 - March 1, Sundays at 10:45am – 12:00pm

Theology is often viewed as a dry, academic discipline irrelevant to the daily life of Christians. Theology may be an acceptable hobby for some, but many modern Christians would reject the notion that a basic theological education is vital to godly living. This course will not only seek to make the case for the importance of theology in the Christian life, but also provide context for understanding R.C. Sproul’s famous dictum: “Everyone is a theologian.”



Heresy and Controversy in the Church, Part I (2nd Service)

Instructor: Luke Gibson, February 2 - March 22, Sundays at 10:45am – 12:00pm

The purpose of this study is to give participants a firm grasp of the history of the church – a history which is full of controversy. Indeed, as modern Christians we can see how this controversy manifests to this day in the different denominations today.  How did the church of Jesus Christ get this way?  Was this God’s intent?   This study will look at many issues throughout early church history to help participants better understand the contemporary state of the church today.  


Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel  (2nd Service)

Instructor: Tom Kim, March 15 - May 10, Sundays at 10:45am – 12:00pm

The purpose of this class is to provide scriptural insight and theological foundations to the redemptive view of marriage in the Bible. This class is intended for already married couples to further conviction and encouragement in their marriages. We will follow Ray Ortlund's outline of the gospel framework of marriage throughout the Bible in Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel, and supplement his insights with candid discussions and exercises about practical concerns in modern marriages.  

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