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Encouraging thoughtful application of the gospel in all areas of life.

Summer 2020 Courses
Due to the current suspension of all church activities, our Adult Sunday School classes will be held virtually.

For specific meeting information, please contact the instructor. 

Race, Church, and Gospel Identity

Instructor: Tom Kim, June 16 - July 14, Tuesdays at 8:30pm – 9:30pm

NewCity will be hosting a forum to explore, express, and empathize with issues of race and racism among our church members. While these meetings will be moderated to ground the discussions in gospel truth and fellow edification, the topics discussed will emerge organically as attendees share questions, opinions, beliefs, and lived experiences. We believe this will give us an opportunity not only to speak truth and love to issues of heightened relevance, but also to know each other as a body more deeply and meaningfully.


Family-Based Ministry

Instructor: Mark Yu, July 13 - August 10, Mondays at 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Join us as we work through Mark DeVries' Family-Based Youth Ministry together, seeking to understand how God uses the partnership of the nuclear family and the extended church family to raise children for a lifetime of faith in Jesus. If you plan on attending, please try to get a copy of the book before the first session if possible.

Bible Study- Genesis 

Instructor: Matthew Deans, July 16 - September 3, Thursdays at 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Good movies put everything you need to know in the first scene: the main theme, characters, problems -- then the rest of the movie is the journey toward the solution. That way, you know what the rest of the movie is going to be about, and it helps you appreciate how the events of the story contribute to the overarching narrative. Likewise, the Bible gives us so much information about how we should read the Bible in the very first book: the main theme, characters, problems -- then the rest of the Bible is the journey toward the grand solution: Jesus Christ. In this Bible study, you will learn much about the book of Genesis, but also the Bible as a whole, how to study it, and how it all crescendos in Jesus Christ. (Note: Due to limited time, we will not cover every chapter and verse of Genesis, but will work through its main passages and themes.)


Zack Martin

Assistant Director of Adult Education

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